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Discover Quality Agricultural Products at King Farm Services


As stockists of leading brands like Davey, DeLaval, and Grundfos, King Farm Services offers a diverse range of top-notch products to enhance your farming operations. Whether you’re seeking efficient milking systems or reliable water solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Our Trusted Brands


Explore DeLaval Milking Systems:

Experience excellence with DeLaval, a pioneer in milk production technology. With a legacy tracing back to Gustaf de Laval, the inventor of the centrifugal cream separator, DeLaval drives progress in milk production. From innovative cluster alignment to advanced milking units, DeLaval stands for quality, optimal technology, and comprehensive service. At King Farm Services, we’re here to support dairy farmers with tailored solutions for their unique needs.

Efficient Water Systems by Grundfos:

Trust Grundfos for reliable water systems that deliver superior performance. From household pressure systems to farm supply solutions, Grundfos products are designed to withstand harsh conditions and ensure efficient water distribution. Our selection includes versatile models such as the Grundfos CH-PT and CR-PT, meeting various flow and pressure requirements. With their robust construction and advanced features, Grundfos products offer unmatched durability and reliability.

Reliable Davey Pressure Systems:

Davey pressure systems are synonymous with quality and performance. Explore the M-Series for larger domestic and commercial applications, featuring stainless steel pump construction and TEFC motors. For farm watering and irrigation needs, consider the V-Series multistage pumps. These pumps offer exceptional resistance to aggressive waters and handle extreme temperatures. From the Dynaflo range to the Dairy Blaster, Davey products are built to last and provide efficient water supply for diverse applications.

Enhance Your Farm with King Farm Services

At King Farm Services, we understand the importance of reliable products in agriculture. That’s why we stock reputable brands like DeLaval, Grundfos, and Davey to provide you with the best solutions for your farm’s needs. Whether you’re in search of advanced milking systems, robust water solutions, or efficient wastewater management, our wide range of products ensures you find what you need to succeed. Contact us today for expert advice and a tailored quote. Your farm’s productivity is our priority.


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