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Introducing DeLaval
Alfa Laval Agri became DeLaval on April 14, 2000, a name that links back to our founder, Gustaf de Laval, who invented the centrifugal cream separator over 120 years ago.

We are changing the way we work, tuning even more closely into the needs of our customers. Closer than ever to dairy farmers, we offer optimal solutions to help them realize their ambitions.

What DeLaval stands for
DeLaval drives progress in milk production. Closer than ever to the dairy farmer, we support the production of quality milk in a quality environment. Healthier animals also mean higher profitability. Based on unrivalled competence in milk production, the farmer has access to optimal technology and comprehensive service through us. We are proud to be present wherever there are dairy farmers. With a global distribution and service network, DeLaval is just as much local in the countries where we operate.

Supporting dairy farmers, wherever they may be
Dairy farming is undergoing profound changes. The new generation of farmers is embracing new technology. At an increasing pace, farms are joining together to form larger, more profitable units. In some regions, farms just keep on growing. Mega-dairies, with herds of several thousand cows, are increasingly common.

DeLaval will support all dairy farmers, wherever they may be and whatever the size of their herds. As their partner, we can adapt specific solutions to specific situations, with the aim to make the dairy farmer more successful.


Davey Pumps & Pressure Systems
The extensive range of Davey 'Dynajet' pumps and pressure systems is the result of many
years of strong leadership in the Austrailian farm and domestic pump market.

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