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DeLaval Hygiene

With quality dairy detergents from DeLaval and good management, you can improve your profitability. Laboratory and field proven DeLaval dairy Detergents have a long and respected track record of helping dairy farmers like you produce higher quality milk. You can count on DeLaval to provide to you the finest hygiene products available. Talk to our Milk Quality Specialist for a tailor made programme including water tests to meet your needs.


A premium low foaming terperature-tolerant acid detergent/sanitiser. Acidsan ensures your milking machine remains sparkling clean and free from bacto's anf thermo's all day long.




A powerful chlorinated alkaline detergent with a caustic soda base for the removal of milk fat and protein residues. The regular use of Chlortech means your premium milk payments are assured.


Biophos ULF

A highly effective iodine based acis sanitider/detergent specifically designed for use in cold water. You can sleep easy knowing Biophos prevents the growth of count causing thermo's and bacto's. If total assurance is important to you, use Biophos ULF



lodoZyme Powder Teat sanitiser Concentrate is the result of unique, patented enzyme chemistry developed after years of research by SymbolIon Corporation and DeLaval, the two most knowledgeable companies engaged in iodine germicidal technology.

It has long been recognised that there is no better germicide for teat sanitisers than iodine for fast, thorough kill of mastitis Pathogens. Unfortunately, most conventional iodine teat sanitisers - whether ready-to-use (RTU) or concentrated - contain large amounts of available iodine that are inactive and do not contribute to mastitis control Many contain as little as I part per million of the active 12 or 'free" iodine molecule which represents the killing power of an iodine solution. Even the best stabilised iodine Sanitisers provide only 14 ppm of "free" iodine.


But lodoZyme puts up to 100 ppm of "free" iodine to work protecting your herd from pathogens. lodoZyme's unique concentrated formulation contains dry iodide, peroxide and special enzymes, all of which are naturally-occurring and found in many food products. When mixed together with water, these ingredients undergo a chemical reaction that unleashes millions of I2 molecules and puts up to 100 ppm of "free" iodine to work.

In addition, only lodoZyme's patented chemistry is able to regenerate additional "free" iodine molecules in solution to replace those depleted battling pathogens. This means the killing power of the teat sanitiser is maintained at effective levels, even under heavy organic load. The result is a fast-acting iodine pre- and post-dip with up to 100 times more mastitis-killing "free" iodine than conventional iodine teat sanitisers.

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Hygenius C200

The best Cleaning System
It is vitally important that your milking plant is cleaned efficiently after every milking.
This is a key factor in maintaining high milk quality. The Hygenius C200 cleaning system ensures that all the essential factors of cleaning such as water temperature, detergent, cleaning duration and water movement are automatically controlled in a consistent fashion.


ACT puts DeLaval iodine teat sanitisers a generation ahead in udder health
Advanced Conditioning Technology is a new, patent-protected technology developed by DeLaval researchers that improves skin conditioning in our iodine teat sanitisers.

ACT is based on DeLaval's exciting discovery of a new class of pharmaceutical grade, iodine complexing agents that maximise iodine complexing efficiency. This reduces the potential for skin irritation and allows the conditioning agents to be more effective in healing chapped teats.

ACT is a new technology that improves udder health.
ACT maximises iodine complexing efficiency.
More emollients reach irritated, chapped teats for better relief.
ACT helps fight mastitis.


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