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    Electronic Master Pulsator
EP 100

Micro-electronics for higher pulsation precision in milking parlours
The heart of the EP Master Unit is a quartz crystal, resonating with the same precision that has made the digital watch a global synonym for accuracy

All the electronics in a single central box
The EP Master Unit contains all the electronics and other electrical equipment for controlling the electronic pulsation system in the parlour.



The EP Master Unit supplies the pulsators with low voltage (12V) pulses via four outputs. Four output channels are used in order to even out the vacuum consumption.

Our EP Master Unit can operate 20 pulsators.

The electronic signal from the EP Master Unit is transformed into pneumatic pulses in each EP 100 pulsator. The pulsators have servo-operated valves which facilitate the use of compact low-energy solenoids.


LVP Heavy duty vacuum technology

LVP for long run times LVP vacuum suppliers are designed for you, the dairy farmer who demands the utmost in performance.

With a capacity range of 2,500 to 5,600 litres per minute at 50 kPa, and a minimum maintenance requirement, this is a truly heavy-duty vacuum supply. LVP gives you reliability without sacrificing performance, especially when you operate with long run times.

Providing optimum vacuum output per hour of operation, the three LVP models - LVP 3000, LVP 4500 and LVP 6000 - represents the best in vacuum technology.



The HARMONY Milking Unit

The HARMONY Milking Unit is an easy to use light-weight cluster which combines low weight (only 2kg) with optimal milking performance. The cluster weight is reduced by more than 40% compared to a conventional milking unit. Basically, it consists of the TF360 claw, light weight teatcup shells, and a family of liners in a special design.

The upper part of the TF360 claw is made entirely of transparent material giving a clear view of the milk flow from individual teats.

HARMONY: the easy and ergonomical Milking Unit
The average milking operator has a very heavy load. With a conventional cluster, the muscles never really recover during the milking operation. The benefit of milking with the HARMONY lightweight cluster ia a considerably reduced work load.


HCC Super 150

30% improved flow capacity
The new bowl and valve mechanism together with wide-bore outlet make it possible to transport 30% more milk through the claw.

The increased capacity makes it possible to have a higher vacuum level in the claw at peak flows. The claw bowl will not become flooded. The risk for fall-offs is very small.



"Since installing our double 15 lowline ACR milking system we have noticed our herd has adapted quicker than expected, being contented and mor settled which has achieved a much calmer milking. We are spending less time in the dairy enabling us to spend more on herd health and managen\ment. In short, we wouldn't change a thing, the cows are now being properly milked and that takes precedent over everything else. The ACR milking system is worth the money we've spent"

Ron and Lynn Kermond
Nullawarre, Victoria


Milk Pre-Cooler

DeLaval plate
The aim of any milk quality system is to keep the number of milk spoilage bacteria and contaminants to a minimum. This can be achieved in two ways:

1. Limit the number of bacteria entering the milk by:

Good dairy practice
Adequate plant hygiene
Regular rubber replacement
Efficient bulk milk tank cleaning
2. Restricting the growth of those bacteria present by:

Efficient primary (water) precooling
Efficient bulk milk tank refrigeration
Most dairyfarmers have increased production in the last five years further stretching the performance of their milk cooling system.

This increased production has increased turnover, but are you maximising the profits?

Good quality milk is hard to produce. Milk which is not cooled effectively and efficiently can easily undo all that hard work.

Carefully look at the efficiency of your existing pre-cooling system. If you are not getting your milk down to within 2 degrees C of the coolest water temperature on farm, it's time to ask Coastal Agri Services how you can.


Milk Pre-Cooling Units

Quattro Pre-Cooling System by Shannon
With the imminent introduction of greater requirements on milk quality, solutions for meeting higher quality milk standards are becoming a major focus in dairy farming. Glycol Chiller systems are among the few solutions available on the market capable of achieving the demands soon to be placed on dairy farmers.

The dairy industry recognises the importance of delivering the latest advances in technology for obtaining optimum milk quality and supports the introduction of the Quattro On Demand Milk Chilling units, designed and manufactured by Shannon Refrigeration Services.

The main objective of the Quattro Glycol Chiller system is to pre-cool the milk prior to entering the milk vat, ensuring it reaches optimum temperature level in the quickest possible time, retaining milk quality. Pre-cooling the milk prior to it entering the cooling tank reduces the load on the milk vat system and the agitation time required.

The compact Quattro Glycol unit, has a tough polyethylene plastic inner and stainless outer that is robust enough to withstand the knocks and takes up minimal floorspace in the dairy. The outdoor unit can sit outside on the ground or on the roof.


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